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This Amazing Hair Dye Changes Colour According to Your Environment

Imagine hair that could be blue indoors, black outdoors, and morph into any shade you wanted in an instant - and no, this has nothing to do with Harry Potter, or any kind of sorcery for that matter - It's the result of a phenomenal hair dye that has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm.

THE IDEAL gift for THE barber or hairdresser in your life

HANDcrafted, Black leather scissor cASE & TOOL ROLL

After scouring high and low for the perfect tool roll ( which wasn't cheap leatherette) I stumbled across this little gem . Hand crafted in butter soft black leather with an array of compartments for all my hairdressing paraphernalia, all bundled up and fastened with a neat brass knob. Without a doubt this beauty should last me a lifetime and is a quality addition to my professional kit. Take a look at all Paula's creations here:

Heated scissors: the solution to split ends?

sizzling new hair trend

In the age of blow-drying, brushing, colouring, and hot tools, scruffy split ends seem inevitable. But I recently heard about some magical-sounding new shears called Jaguar TC Thermocut System, or "hot scissors," that claim to seal split ends with heated blades. But do they really prevent split ends more than old-school scissors? 


Protection against chemical treatments

SO SIMPLE TO USE ESLABONDEXX™ is a hairdressers’ favorite tool  to protect the hair during technical treatments.A treatment beyond your expectations: not interfering with treatments processing time, use and results.